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Davis Inspection Services ltd. is an Accredited Inspection Agency under the Alberta Safety Code Act and Authorized by Alberta Municipal Affairs to provide safety services in government jurisdictions in the building, electrical, gas, plumbing and private sewage disposal systems.

Davis Inspection Services ltd. has provided permit and inspection services since the inception of the Alberta Safety Codes Act in 1994 and has since expanded to cover a wider range of services, in terms of areas and disciplines covered.

The Safety Codes Officers, Davis Inspection Services ltd. employs are certified under the Safety Codes Act to the level specified by their relevant discipline and cumulate many years of expertise in the construction industry and safety inspections covering residential, commercial, industrial and oil and gas installations. Our Safety Codes Officers interpret and apply the applicable codes and regulations in a professional, prompt, tactful and impartial manner.

The management staff at Davis Inspection Services ltd. also cumulates many years of expertise in the safety system from the technical, administrative and management perspectives. Davis Inspection Services ltd. can design a Safety Service Delivery Program that can meet the individual needs of Accredited Municipalities and Corporations.

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